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Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles Loved it!!!!! After finishing Perfect Chemistry I needed to read this book right away and again it didn't disappoint me! The book takes place 2 years after the events from Perfect Chemistry and Alex and Brit are in Colorado studying when Alex brother Carlos comes back from Mexico to live with his brother. The whole family is afraid that Carlos would totally screw up his life in Mexico. Carlos is pissed, he doesn't want this life - he knows his destiny is in being a bang member just like his father was and he doesn't want a normal life just like his brother Alex. He's rebellious, he's a Jerk and a bad ass and has no intention to take school serious enough to finish his senior year. When drugs are deposit in his locker and he gets arrested his only chance is to move in with Alex old professor and his family. Well, that sucks even more, specially because Kiara - the daughter, is everything he's NOT looking in a girl plus she's also taking no crap from him. He's not used to a girl like this. Carlos is an angry boy, he doesn't like to play by rules and just wants out of this. What captivated me most about this story was Kiara's family and how they welcomed Carlos even though he's a Jerk and truly not happy to be there and for the chance. But, they know he only needs a chance and a family that looks out for him. How the Professor deals with him was incredibly sweet and wonderful. Even when he realizes that those kids are falling in love, he doesn't freak out but simply trusts them to make the right choices. Carlos slowly begins to warm up with them and opens up, little by little with the help of Kiara who is the girl he would never look at before. She's not the Beauty Queen at school, she likes to work on cars and doesn't care about her wardrobe at all, but's she's smart, sarcastic, caring and shy. When they are getting closer and begin falling in love, Carlos realizes that this girl doesn't deserve the life he was planning to life. I loved both so much, Carlos with his angry attitude and also smart, shy Kiara who is the only one that can make Carlos show his real self. This is a story about hope, about chances in life and about how a caring environment can change you. I loved how the family welcomed Carlos with open arms even though he's a real Jerk, but in the end this is what changed him. I loved the trust they gave him, although he did nothing to deserve it in the first place. My heart warms when those two so different kids fall in love with each other. It's a heartbreakingly beautiful love story that shows how love and trust can change the order of things! I can't wait for the next book and I hate I have to wait so long for Luis story!