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Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires Series #4)

Hard Bitten - Chloe Neill First off, I refuse or better I can't give this book a clear star rating. Mainly because I'm still pissed, even after 2 days o thinking I still can't wrap my mind around what happened. And yes this is going to be a spoiler review, so be warned! I didn't read any reviews before starting Hard Bitten so the end took my by surprise! And what a surprise? Mrs Neil, what are you thinking?? What is your plan? BEcause right now, I don't see where this is supposed to go ... We spend 3 books with Merit and Ethan and now you take him out of the picture? I don't get it, nope I don't! I always call Karen Marie Moning the Queen of cruel cliffhanger and .. I've been there, done that. I don't need this here in this series too. I would even be more Ok with it if there would be hope, because let's face it although each Fever book ended with a mean cliffhanger there was always hope and I never EVER doubted KMM to bring Barrons back.Here? I don't know how she's going to pull that off. The ending was clear enough for me. So what are the options? Bring back Ethan as a ghost`? I don't want this, because I like him as he is , or better liked? *growls* I want him to be the bad ass Vampire that rules House Cadogan, I don't want him weak or a ghost or a reanimated Zombie. Oh yes this won't work either, because he's only ASH right now. I'm pissed, I'm so mad I can't even write a review.... She says "trust me", but how? The ending was clear, no room for speculation - at least not that I can see it. Is it to make Merit ready to become the Master Vampire Ethan always saw in her? Yeah, ok .. but this is the story about Merit AND Ethan..I get it, this might bring Merit onto a new level and this will change her. Yeah... but..seriously??? Wasn't there any other way? My BFF said, maybe it is so that Merit can get another love interest because there would have been no way the reader would have accepted someone else in her life with Ethan being alive. But, duh... I just can't see her with someone else, not on a long term. And this vision about Ethans baby? Will Ethan come back as a human? Lovely... *imagine a very sarcastic tone..* Yep, this was no Review and rather a rant from a maniac. I'm sorry but I simply can't review a book that made me So so soo very pissed! I see why some people see it like Chloe Neil was brave to let a character die, but not the freaking main one... I'm pretty sure Ethan will be back, somehow but I'm not sure if I'll like it...