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Unraveling - Review first posted at Bewitched Bookworms24:05:59:32This is one of the first things that you see when you start reading the book - every chapter has instead of a title, this countdown! Yes it's a countdown and i was immediately back into 24 - this fast paced incredible thrilling series with Kiefer Sutherland. But, the reference is not too far off. Unraveling is fast pasted, thrilling, captivating and incredible addicting! Once you started - you won't stop! I loved this countdown, it totally served the point: You are always on edge, trying, no - needing to figure out what the heck this countdown means because Janelle has no idea either...Janelle - kick-ass, strong brave loyal, caring and sweet!Due to family problems Janelle is left to care for ber baby brother Jared - who is beyond awesome and anyone will love this boy insanely! He has a rare disorder and he needs special care - Janelle would do anything for her brother! Anything, this sweet love between the siblings was incredible sweet, heartwarming and beautiful! I would have already loved her just for this! But, Janelle is more and she's strong and she's brave and smart! There is nothing about her that made me love her any less!Janelle died and now what?... and what role plays beautiful and troubled Ben?Her life changes after this horrible incident where she died and somehow this mysterious boy was there. Ben. She never really "saw" him before although they go to the same school, yet they were not in the same crowd. Ben was considered one of the bad and troubled boys! (but girls, let's be honest - we love tortured troubled boys don't we?) But, Janelle wouldn't be her father's daughter (FBI Agent) if she wouldn't want to know precisely what is going on! It's not in her nature to give up! But while going after the truth - she gets to know Ben better and suddenly there is so much more tim him than a troubled boy! So.much.more! *sigh* Ben is to love, as simple as that!Full of Suspense, Intrigue , Drama- Heartbreak, Love and ... ThrillThe whole story was very rich and full of suspense and intrigue! Apart from figuring out about Ben and her death-no-death, there is this countdown from one of her fathers files and a murder series. It was a mix of "24", "X-Files" and  a FBI show . I loved this combination - and it left us always in edge trying to figure out all those mysteries.But, don't forget the love between Ben and Janelle, which was incredible sweet and beautiful! Perfectly genuine and nothing in their connection seemed forced and unreal. This romance is woven effortless in the mystery part of the book!The ending left me sobbing, I was truly sobbing and wiping away tears - I couldn't imagine Elizabeth Norris would really do this to us. You know when you are always hoping for some last-minute change in events? Something you know is inevitable yet you hope you are proven wrong? That's the ending and .. it will leave you breathless, full of tears and heartbreak! But I promise this book is worth every of your tears!Bottom LineElizabeth Norris created with Unraveling a thrilling tale that is full of intrigue, suspense, drama, heartbreak and sweet love, perfected with beautiful and wonderful characters that will need a place in your heart! Unraveling took my by surprise, I loved every second I spend between those pages and that I spend with Janelle, Ben and Jared. It was full of twists and turns, I didn't see coming and twists that broke my heart! Don't miss out on this unique and fresh YA story with a wonderful mix of genres!