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Spark (Brigid Kemmerer's Elemental Series #2)

Spark - Brigid Kemmerer See full Review at Bewitched Bookworms Beware the elements ... especially don't play with fire...This series tells the stories about the 4 Merrick brothers plus Hunter, and each book focuses on one brother, just like in classic Paranormal Adult series – just for. YA. Love this concept as I already fell in love with these brothers in Storm. In Spark the story focuses on Gabriel whose power is from the element fire. And… fiery the story is… Oh yes. So hot! (Yes, I know this was cheesy!) What I found interesting here was that the supernatural aspect was only a side story and not the main focus. The main focus was on Gabriel’s character, his relationship with his brothers, friends and… girls! Gabriel - Beautiful, sexy and tortured boy who stole & broke my heart.Gabriel will break your heart. I promise he will. We will be drawn to this broken boy who is tortured by his failures and by his inability to get over events he had no real control over it. So Gabriel is angry at the world, but mostly at himself. Which is why he was a jerk most of the times. But, as we are in his head we cannot stand to see him treating himself like this. He constantly pushed the people around him away; especially his brothers and it broke my little heart to see this. And, yes tears were involved from my part… hot. sad tears! A lot!Who’s the girl that manages to heal him?The most interesting part in Spark was Layne, because she was nothing I expected! Brigid Kemmerer manages to pair Gabriel with a girl I would have never seen for him, but she proved me wrong. Layne was perfect for Gabriel! I absolutely adored Layne. She was the perfect geeky super smart kid who normally avoids kids like Gabriel who clearly belongs to the popular crowd and can have any girl he wants. Also, she’s not really attracted to him at first. But its Layne who sees behind the wall Gabriel build around his soul and heart and it’s Layne, the stubborn geeky girl who is the key to his healing... Action, Romance, Supernatural Elements and DramaSpark had it all and more! I sure as hell didn’t expect the richness of this story. I loved Storm, but Spark was just “more”. Although, the supernatural element was not as prominently as it was in Storm, it played nicely into the whole story arch and supported Gabriel’s character development. Also I was very surprised about Hunter’s involvement in this book. Hunter was very important for Gabriel and her surprisingly formed a very close friendship with him. This is especially important since Gabriel pushed his brothers away and totally withdraws himself from his family, feeling utterly alone and feels like no one would understand him. I actually have to change my mind about Hunter and now I am very much looking forward to the next book, which will be about him.