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Mind Games

Mind Games - Review posted at Bewitched Bookworms Unique Paranormal Abilities!What I found most unusual here, was the paranormal abilities the girls were “gifted” with. Even though most of the gifts are psychic, Fia’s special ability was outstandingly unique! Her instinct always tell her what to do, she just has to trust her gut. Like, today the High Heels would be the best option, because she will need them later that day in a fight. Just a small example, but I found it a remarkable and interesting choice for a psychic gift!Fia – Girl Extraordinary and far from being plain or ordinaryI loved loved LOVED Fia! She was full of spark and funk! She was constantly in action, constantly thinking and never stood still. She had a hard time dealing with her powers and especially since she discovered for what she has been trained by this mysterious school…. It was heartbreaking to see that this sweet girl, who struggled so much was used to be an assassin. The way the school treated her and forced her to obey was heartbreaking and very twisted. Once Fia realized what they are up to, she had no way but to obey and do what they want even though it goes against everything she believes in and finally… might even break her.2 Sisters – 2 POV- 2 Time FramesThe story is told from both Fia’s and Anna’s POV. Apart from getting the story told from both Anna’s and Fia’s view, we also jump in time. We always go back to see what happened “before”, when they wer just joining the school and how Fia realized what this school is really about. Even though, this was most definitely important pieces of information, I found it a little harder to fully get drawn into this story. I would have liked an evenly time frame better.Thrilling, Edgy and Psychologically intense!I was absolutely mesmerized and fascinated by this story and especially by Fia’s personality! It was definitely a psychological thriller which kept me glued and on edge all the time. There were some twist, I didn’t see coming and I found my heart was breaking for Fia ever so often. Apart from this intense plot, there was also some romance. And.. I loved the romance.. a lot! There are two boys, both are total opposites and there is one where I’m still not sure we can trust. But. I love that there are some mysteries and secrets still to be discovered and I am excited to see where this all will head!Bottom LineMind Games by Kiersten White was a brilliantly played story and very edgy new tale dealing with psychic gifts that are highly unusual and truly extraordinaire. I especially loved Fia’s constant moving self and her very funky personality. Due to the 2 POV and 2 different time lines I was not fully able to get drawn in the story completely Sometimes I felt a little detached. Still, I can highly recommend it to all fans of paranormal thrillers with Kiersten White’s unique characters!