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Night School

Night School  - C.J. Daugherty Read full Review at Bewitched Bookworms Boarding Schools rock!A Boarding School setting is always something I especially love. I can’t even say why, but I love picking up books that are set in a boarding school. Alli our main character is a trouble maker and is send to Cimmeria after her parents have no idea anymore what to do with her. She’s troubled, angry and definitely needs a new environment to get back on track. Just Allie has no idea what she is getting really into when attending this school. There is a mysterious wall around this school and everyone is so secretive that Allie is needs to figure out what is going on at Night…Alli – Troubled Stubborn TeenAlli was a great character and we clicked right from the beginning.It takes her some time to get accustomed to her new surroundings but she is not as stubborn as she would not try to make the best out of it. And… she realizes life is not as bad as it seems and she makes some freinds and… also experiences some romance! There are two boys seeking Allies attention and I want to primarily mention Carter as I loved him the most! He has a bad boy attitude but you could already feel very early that he has only Allies best interest at hear. The Love Triangle was nicely done and I didn’t feel completely lost as I usually feel with Love Triangles. Here, it makes sense and helps Alli to grow and develop!Mysteries over MysteriesI think the strongest part of the book was figuring out what exactly the Night School is! Allie desperately wants to get behind the secrets but we are kept in the dark for a very long time. This keeps us on edge and actually makes us turn pages even faster! I must say that I did expect something completely else and I was totally dumfounded when we finally found it all out. To be completely honest I expected something a little more.. epic? Still, this book definitely had a thrill factor that was very exciting and together with some unique characters made an excellent read for all fans of YA Mysteries!Bottom LineNight School by C.J. Daugherty is a thrilling and mysterious tale that comes with a great cast of character. A Love Triangle mixed with the secret surrounding the school makes this book a fantastic read for all Young Adult fans who want something different!