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The Beginning of Everything

The Beginning of Everything - Robyn Schneider You know these books where you read the first few pages and you just know with absolute certainty that you adore this writing style, the words and that you know you will end up loving this book? Yes, this totally happened to me here… Beautiful Words – Wonderful Characters This book is filled with words that are just beautiful! The writing was so easy and effortless that I was so drawn into this book like it’s not happening so very often. I was glued to the pages drawing every word into myself until I wanted to live in this book. Yes, I know big word, but that’s how I felt. Ezra who tells us his story here was a perfect narrator and it was so easy to get lost into his story full of tragedies, humor, romance and finding his true self. Together with a vast cast of amazingly real and touching characters and I was totally and completely enthralled.