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Just Like Fate

Just Like Fate - Cat Patrick, Suzanne Young Read Review at Bewitched BookwormsWhat If…I made a different choice back then? We all have asked ourselves this before and in “Just Like Fate” we actually explore two choices. Caroline has two choices at the night of her beloved Grandma’s death – either stay with her until the end, or leave with her friend for a party. Now I must point out that Caroline had no way of knowing her Grandma would actually die this night, and she was devasted that she was so sick and wouldn’t recover. So, for me both her choices made sense. Getting out to forget for a few minutest the desperation and utter sadness or stay and wait, even though no one knew when it would be the end… Caroline – a Runner, not ready to face her problems!I guess Caroline will split the readers, because she is a runner, she likes to run from her problems instead of facing them. Personally, I think that made Caroline incredibly real and genuine as not everyone likes to face a problem and if there is a way out, there are lots of people who would take this opportunity. But I can see why some people might not like Caroline. Sure, sometimes I could also have strangled her, but in the end this whole story is also about the growth of Caroline to become someone who deals with problems instead of running. I found this approach truly genuine and real, which is why I truly loved this book! Two Storylines woven seamlessly into one!I really liked the way these two authors explored the two possibilities, as each chapter was labels with either “stay” or “go” so we immediately knew where we are. In one storyline, Caroline finally gets what she always wanted; the long time crush finally shows interest in her. In the other storyline she meets the wonderful College boy Chris. But I’m getting to the romance in a second! The way the authors handled both situation was great and effortless but most of all it was understandable and not confusing. It's always a very fine line when dealing with parallel realities and storylines but these two authors managed it perfectly in my opinion! Love, Romance, Family and Fate…Caroline has big problems with her sister and her Mom but in each storyline she deals differently with them and in each storyline she faces these problems in a different way. I loved both developments as it shows the strengths between family bonds and that even though you think everything is broken, you can always go back as your family just loves you!Apart from the family issues and how they developed and were resolved and dealt with, I loved the most the romance with Chris!Gosh, this boy was made of awesome and win! He was utterly cute, totally endearing and just perfect to get Caroline out of her shell! The chemistry between them was nearly palpable and their easy and instant connection was just perfection!“But then there was you. Your terrible jokes and your quite signing. Your beautiful eyes and the way you try to fix things. I was wrong – you don’t disappoint me. You amaze me!” The Ending!The ending again will split readers and I won’t say anything, other that it was absolutely perfect!!!