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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black Read Review at Bewitched BookwormsBloody Awesome!!! Finally an epic Vampire story that is incredibly addicting, a little scary, bloody and sexy!!! More! Now!Scary – Eerie – Edgy! Vampires in Coldtown are … not so nice creatures!The world in “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown” was absolutely outstanding and refreshing! Vampires are out in the open and everyone knows about them and … also fears them. Because Vampires are definitely not nice creatures. They are dark and they are dangerous and you should truly stay inside during night if you want to life! But most Vampires exactly live in exile towns called Coldtown where they can do whatever pleases them. Yeah, scary! Because of course, also humans live they, as usually deeply fascinated with immortality and vampires.And let me tell you this whole concept and world-building was extremely dark and eerie, which made “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown” just more fascinating and exciting!And the story already opens with a super shocking and super bloody scene that set the mood for the whole story! There is nothing romantic about a bloodbath where 20 kids are slaughtered!Tana – kick ass! Go Tana! Go!There is so much to say about Tana – but in short, she is an incredible and excitingly fleshed out heroine! The moment she realizes that she might have been bitten, she knows she has to go to Coldtown in order to not protect the humans around her! Instead of being frozen with fear, she took action and made hurtful decisions. this showed her real inner strength and already there I admired her deeply. But Tana also has such a good heart, she’s not just kick ass and cold, she cares deeply about humanity. She would never hurt another human if there is a change to save them, even if it would cost herself!Tana is a heroine! A True wonderful heroine we all love reading about so much! She shines with personality and gives a warming touch to this cold and eery story!Bloody – Scary – Sexy! A perfect mix!Holly Black is a master in storytelling and not only did she develop an outstanding new world, she also gave us enough back story to understand without loosing touch with the story. The pace, though sometimes a little slow, was just right with a strong, shocking, fast paced opening, a little slower middle part but then, she hit us with a twisted ending that left us hanging and gasping.The romance between Tana and Gavriel was .. interesting! I was honestly hoping for a little more, but there were some truly lovely and also some truly hot, sexy scenes. Again, the perfect mix where nothing comes to short and nothing is overplayed!A few closing words about Gavriel! Hot and mysterious, he’s the perfect love interest for Tana and for us. He is surrounded by a layer of mystery that keeps us guessing and guessing, but also shows some truly lovely moments that make us swoon!