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The Infinite Moment of Us

The Infinite Moment of Us - Lauren Myracle Read Review at Bewitched Bookworms Wren and Charlie – Souls Made of Each Other…This is the story of two kids who will experience love for the first time. Real, soul touching love, not just a first crush but two people who find each other and learn what love truly means.Told from both POV gave us insides into both Wren and Charlie’s feelings, insecurities and made it easy to connect with both. Even more, we were falling in love with them just together with their growing feelings. It was beautiful.And… when one of them screwed up, which simply is inevitable – we felt for both of them, we felt both of their heartbreak and betrayal. I think this was also something that stood out in this novel, for me it was easy to connect with both of them, not having favourites not loving one more than the other. Both had some moments of utter stupidity, but remembering their age, I understood and could relate.Soul Touching Lovethe love and the romance was… incredibly beautiful and so touching and moving that it was just perfect! If you know me a little, you know how much I crave romance in books, so Infinite Moments of Us was just the perfect book for me! This love story went deeper than the usual crush we find in YA literature, it was more of a soul touching love that might last forever.The beginning felt like normal Teenagers when they start to date, but soon they are just a sweet loving couple and do all the things like dating and going out. But underneath was always this all consuming love, which frightened them but simply was there.“You’re my home, Charlie. Thanks for finding me.”What I also loved was the maturity of this story. This book was definitely aimed at older YA as Wren and Charlie also experience their very first time and not just talk about sex, but actually having sex. I loved the way it was handled as it felt absolutely perfect and real for me. They are both 18 so Sex is a natural addition and I’m happy it was not completely left out, but being a vital part of this story.“I didn’t think love existed until I met you. I thought it was something people made up.I thought people who believed in love were either lying to me or themselves. But then you came along…” So Different, Yet so Right for each other.. .Wren and Charlie are so different, come from different backgrounds and had different demons to fight. But despite their differences their love made them strong, even if they both struggled, especially with their incredible different upbringing.Wren being the protected only child, while Charlie being in a foster family with a mother who treated him horribly as a child. But each one struggled, each one is having problems on their own – but they are there for each other and face it together. They just need to learn that sometimes being together means also letting the other help. Yes, both had to learn and both needed to grow with each other to be truly together.