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Smoke, Wings and Stone

Smoke, Wings and Stone - Marijon Braden Oh I wanted to love tis book so much! I definitely love the idea, gargoyles ? Yes, that sounds awesome and exciting.I did like the idea, I did love the gargoyles and the magic a lot. Is also liked Carrie, one of the sisters and protagonists. She was strong, outspoken and just easy to relate to.I think my problem begun with an instant love that I couldn't grasp. Instant love it always something hard to get, so it needs to be handled delicately to win me over. Already confused by the love made meeting Luc - on old Gargoyle prince - even worse.I think he could have been an awesome love interest and hero, but the way he was portrayed made me not fall for him. He, as a person didn't make sense.He's a few hundred years old, studied in universities all over Europe,yet he doesn't speak proper English?????No.Sense.At.All!!!Also, the Luc we meet drunk as a party crasher has nothing in common with the prince we get to know later.Again, Luc makes no sense to me, and I felt he was developed with lots of inconsistencies.Oh and on a side note: I won't believe it that a French Prince would praise the American fast food over the wonderful French cuisine???? Moreover, that In France he always eats the same....? Please don't tell me this! I might be biased because I'm European, but this cant just be right. Those are all small tiny details, but they drove me nuts and I had to put the book aside a few times.Besides Luc, I also had some problems with Sara, the chosen love interest from Luc, Carries sister and the other POV in this story. She basically was a spoiled brat. I tried to like her,, but I didn't succeed!Another part I didn't like was the romance, I just didn't feel any love, any emotion and any romance even though there are two couples forming her.*sigh*Next, the pacing. There were long parts where nothing happened and then there were some dangerous moments with some bad Vampires, but then these instances were over pretty quick and didn't really get me a true feeling of danger.Ah I'm so sorry that I couldn't get into this story, but it was just not for me. Maybe I was rattled by those small details that kept me from fully emerging into the book. There are some really glowing reviews here on goodreads who love the story, so I say check for yourself and forget my rants;-))P.S. I got the book from the author for my honest opinion.P.P.S I wrote this on my iPad, so excuse typos and bad grammar, I'll go over it once I slept a night..